Laser Skin Resurfacing improves Skin Care

Prolonged sun exposure and skin issues like acne often result in wrinkles, scars, and fine lines on your face, causing many to rely on products that promise to reverse aging. Yet, few treatments offer the transformative results of laser skin resurfacing. 

This powerful treatment goes beyond reducing fine lines and wrinkles—it revitalizes the skin, creating a healthier, younger-looking complexion. This blog explains what laser skin resurfacing is, how it works, and its benefits. Read on to learn more.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a sophisticated skincare procedure performed by a qualified physician to enhance skin texture and aesthetics. The method uses ablative lasers like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to eliminate scars, warts, and deep-seated wrinkles. CO2 laser resurfacing targets severe skin issues and functions by eradicating the outer layers of the skin.

How Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

At Amara, we prioritize using CO2 laser for skin resurfacing, renowned for its efficacy in reducing facial wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, and age spots. The procedure also removes superficial skin pigmentation, giving you a noticeably revitalized appearance. The process unfolds in a series of steps unique to our approach:

1. Pre-Procedural Preparation

CO2 laser treatment requires several weeks of preparatory skin treatments. This preparation stage is designed to prep the skin’s tolerance to the incoming laser treatment, reducing potential side effects.

2. Anesthesia Application

On the day of the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the treatment area to ensure maximum comfort. For extensive treatment areas, sedatives or pain relievers may be recommended.

3. Skin Cleansing

The skin is cleansed to remove excess oils, impurities, and bacteria, creating a clean canvas for the laser treatment.

4. Laser Application

The CO2 laser meticulously targets the area, removing the old skin in its first pass. Its next passes tighten the collagen and elastic tissue in the underlying layers of skin, creating a smoother, healthier, and youthful skin texture.

5. Post-Treatment Care

Once the laser procedure is completed, the treated area is dressed with protective wraps to aid healing. After that, skin redness and sensitivity may occur but gradually fade to light pink over time. Usually, makeup can camouflage the pink area after seven to ten days. The final result is a noticeable transformation—refreshed skin within two months.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Benefits

Laser skin resurfacing offers numerous benefits, mainly from its non-invasive nature, which allows for no associated downtime. This means patients can resume regular routines as soon as possible without taking time off work. In fact, according to a prospective survey of 27 patients who underwent laser skin resurfacing, 85% of the patients would recommend the procedure 2.7 days after the process, and 89% would have the treatment again after 3.7 days. At three months, all 27 (100%) felt that their appearance had been improved by laser skin resurfacing.

The lasers meticulously target damaged skin cells within the skin layers without causing harm to the outer skin surface—contributing to the procedure’s quick recovery time. While mild side effects like swelling, redness, and a slight stinging sensation may occur post-treatment, these typically subside within days at most.

Patients should remember that each person’s response to laser treatment may vary depending on their skin type. However, a standard laser skin resurfacing treatment usually lasts between 20-30 minutes, and patients can expect to notice remarkable improvements in their skin’s texture and tone immediately after the procedure.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Benefits

How To Select Your Laser Skin Resurfacing Cosmetic Surgeon

Laser skin resurfacing is a delicate procedure, so choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is important. At Amara, Dr.John Fezza is highly trained in laser skin resurfacing, ensuring personalized care and exceptional results. Instead of settling for the first physician you come across, we recommend conducting a thorough interview process with potential candidates.

Before scheduling your treatment with a laser skin care center, consider asking your provider  the following questions:

  • What experience do you have with laser skin resurfacing?
  • How experienced are you with my specific skin tone and concerns?
  • Can I see before-and-after images from your past clients?
  • How might my health affect the treatment outcome?
  • Are there any pre-procedure preparations I need to take?
  • What can I expect during recovery?
  • How many sessions will I need?

Ensure your chosen surgeon is board-certified, either by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. This certification can prove their extensive training and experience in dermatologic procedures, offering you peace of mind.

Try Laser Skin Resurfacing at Amara

Start your journey to healthier, younger-looking skin by booking your laser skin resurfacing consultation with Amara’s cosmetic surgeon, Dr. John Fezza,  today! Read our testimonials for more success stories.

**While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, medical knowledge is constantly evolving, and new research may change the nature of certain conditions. Please remember to consult with a healthcare professional or cosmetic surgeon for proper diagnosis, treatment, and guidance regarding skincare conditions.**

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